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The difference between a certificate of citizenship or naturalization is minimal. Both equally prove citizenship, but vary greatly due to the eligibility requirements to acquire either one. A certificate of citizenship to a country is given to an individual who is born in that country. An individual may also have a certificate of citizenship because of their parents’ citizenship. If your parents are United States citizens, but you were born on foreign soil, a Form N-600 must be submitted to ensure and prove dual citizenship.

Apply for Naturalization in Houston

The process of naturalization occurs when a foreign citizen or national seeks citizenship individually to the United States. Citizenship is granted if the individual fulfills the requirements set by the Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).
To apply for naturalization, you are required to be a lawful permanent resident and to file Form N-400, an application specifically for naturalization. In most cases, individuals are eligible to file for naturalization if they have lawfully resided in the United States for five years.
An individual filing for naturalization must:
  • Legally live in the United States for five years before applying
  • Pay a filing fee for applying
  • Pass the citizenship test
  • Have a clear and clean background

Qualifying for Naturalization

Applying for naturalization is not an easy task without the help of an experienced Houston Naturalization Attorney. There are various exceptions to each requirement during the naturalization process, which are best explained and maneuvered by with an attorney. To qualify for naturalization, individuals are required to fulfill some, if not all, requirements listed above, as well as being an individual who has:

  • Permanent residency for at least five years
  • Permanent residency for at least three years to file as a spouse of a citizen
  • Service in the U.S armed forces
  • A parent is a U.S. citizen, but the child was born on foreign soil

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Filing for naturalization is different for everyone. Each process is different for each applicant, and finding the best route for citizenship can be done with the help of Misbah Chaudhry, an experienced Naturalization Attorney in Houston. Find out how you can file and successfully apply for naturalization by calling The Law Offices of Misbah Chaudhry today at (281) 870-1300.